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blu air hvac services

gas furnace repair
Furnace Repair and Service
ac heat pump service and repair
Heat Pump Repair and Service
heat and ac repair
Air Conditioning Repair and Service

Gas heating systems can cause multiple problems if not properly serviced or maintained. Dirty evaporator coils, dirty blower wheels, clogged pressure ports, corroded flame sensors, gas valves out of proper pressure range, and ignitors not properly calibrated can cause  problems. "A CRACK OR HOLE IN THE HEAT EXCHANGER IS A GAME STOPPER", putting you and your family at risk! We can evaluate your heating system and recommend the services that will get your system heating safely and efficiently. 

Unlike furnaces and air conditioning units, heat pump systems operate year round and they never get a break from wear and tear. They also use electric heating coils in colder temperatures to supplement the heat they provide. That means keeping the coils clean is very essential to efficiency. Also sensors, temperature controlled switches, defrost controls, and motors can fail in an instant leaving you without heat or cooling when you need it most. 

Like heat pumps, straight a/c units require condenser and evaporator coils to be clean for efficient operation and proper cooling. If coils are dirty the heat transfer process will struggle to remove heat from your home. Leaks in the system causing refrigerant loss along with improperly operating metering devices and clogged drain lines will cause high humidity, poor cooling, and high energy bills. We can help keep these systems operating as efficiently as possible, though system age can be a factor as well.  

hvac blower repair
Motor Replacement

The days of PSC motors that can be oiled and controlled with a simple relay and easily replaced at an affordable cost  are soon coming to an end. Many systems today come with ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) style  motors. They can be costly to replace. Keeping systems and coils maintained as well as filters being replaced on a regular schedule can go along way towards preventing motors and compressors from having premature failures. If these motors require replacement due to failure, we can offer an affordable repair option.

indoor air cleaner
Indoor Air Quality

With everything that happened in 2020, air quality has become a concern that most people didn't think about seriously until now. While some IAQ devices can cost well over $1,000, there are some affordable ways to make those improvements. Older homes may need window and door replacements and insulation upgrades to prevent outdoor air from being easily introduced into the home. In many cases adding a UV germicidal lamp and or a high quality air filter system, in addition to having older ducts and the air handling systems properly sealed, can help with your issues.   

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