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UV Germicidal Lamps

indoor air quality
indoor air cleaner
hvac air purifier

BLUE-TUBE UV is the most popular Germicidal UV lamp on the market for residential HVAC equipment. It is the most simple, safe, and effective way to keep your HVAC equipment clean and germ free! This system cleaner is universally installed and mounted in residential HVAC systems and works continuously to fight mold and biological contaminates in the air and in the system, keeping equipment surface areas and the cooling coil clean and free of mold and biological growth. UV light disrupts the DNA and growth of micro-organisms and kills them in the process. 

1 year bulb model requires bulb change every 12-18 months
2 year bulb model requires bulb change every 24 months


Whole House Air Cleaners

hvac air cleaner
hvac air cleaner
indoor air quality

From the OWNER, "I have this in my home and it works!"

  The IWAVE is the first, and currently only, self cleaning, no maintenance required ionization air cleaner on the market for residential HVAC ducted air conditioning systems. This product is designed specifically for residential ducted systems up to six tons in size and airflow. This air and whole home air cleaner is OZONE FREE and is universally set up for multi volt 24v/120v/240v operation which allows for install in a wide range of applications. The IWAVE produces a range of 320 Million positive and negative ions, more than any other residential air cleaner on the market. These ions attach to the smallest particles in the air stream and enlarge them to allow them to be trapped in the homes filter. This system kills mold, bacteria, viruses, and pathogens in the space and also controls odors in the home.  

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