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about blu air hvac

blu air hvac

 We wanted to have a business that would allow us to help people and solve their problems. HVAC is challenging and allows us to interact with people and help them with their solutions. 

 We have been in the industry for 20 years and have worked for large and small companies. But the motivation came from the time spent working for the large BIG BOX national names.

   Most of these companies pay their technicians commission on their service revenue rather than an hourly rate. They refer to this as "performance pay"!  The more they can charge and collect on a service repair, the more they get in their paycheck. This allows the technician to decide what the cost of a repair will be. In some cases they quote 3x what a repair should reasonably cost. They also pay the technician a percentage of the sale if the technician is able to convince the homeowner to set an appointment with a SALESMAN! 

  We offer experienced service and affordable repair solutions with no sales pressure and always give you the option and time to get a second opinion! 

 We did not get into this business to rip people off!  We did it to earn an honest living and to help people with their HVAC needs! Most importantly, to be able to sleep at night knowing we did the right thing!

  • How often should I change my filters?
    Filters should be changed every 30-60 days. Just because the filter packaging says up to 90 days does not mean that is when you change it. 90 days would be under perfect conditons with no pets and minimal in and out traffic within the home.
  • Should I have my system cleaned and serviced?
    Many people wait until their HVAC system is not operating properly to have it serviced. Having your system serviced and cleaned on a regular schedule can save you time, money, and prevent the inconvenience of minor service problems.
  • Why does my hvac unit add so much to my power bill?
    About 60 to 80 percent of your power consumption is from your HVAC system. Keeping it serviced and cleaned on a regular schedule can help maintain its efficiency and keep operating cost low.
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